What is the Amazon Labor Union?

A union is when workers come together and use their collective power to negotiate workplace improvements with their employer. The Amazon Labor Union is a group of amazon workers dedicated to building a strong, effective, and democratic union.

Why do we need a Union?

At Amazon, the company dictates every aspect of our pay, benefits, and working conditions. We have no power to negotiate these things, despite the fact that it’s our hard work and dedication that makes the company successful.

In the midst of COVID-19, it’s become more obvious than ever that the company values profits over people, and will consistently make decisions that harm workers if it means saving money. The goal and purpose of the Amazon Labor Union is to change the relationship between the company and its workers so we can negotiate a better, safer, and more equitable workplace.

What are the benefits?

An Amazon Labor Union will have the power to enter contract negotiations with the company. In these negotiations, we can secure:

  • Pay Raises: Higher, more competitive wages that reflect the value Amazon employees create, as well as the return of bonuses such as stock awards, etc. (Union members make roughly $11,000 more per year than non-union members)
  • Time-Off Increases: A reasonable increase to the amount of distributed Paid Time Off (PTO) and Vacation Time, as well as an end to the Unpaid Time Off (UPT) system.
  • Policy Improvements: Including, but not limited to:
    • Longer breaks
    • More reasonable rates
    • COVID protections
    • Less mandatory overtime
    • Greater notice for overtime
    • Building closures due to hazardous weather
    • Better promotion policies
    • Guaranteed holiday time off
    • And more. With a union, everything is on the table.
  • A Right to Employee Advocacy: With union protection, Amazon would no longer be able to fire employees without just cause. Workers deserve to have an advocate in the event of wrongful termination or mistreatment. HR only exists at Amazon to protect the company, not the workers. The only people who will advocate for our rights, interests, and protection are our fellow workers.

How does the union work?

In order to form a union, we will need to file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In the election, over 50% of the votes must be YES in order to officially form the union. The ALU will then be federally recognized and the company will be mandated to negotiate with us.

After a successful vote, every worker in the facility becomes a member of the bargaining unit. Union dues will be taken from each paycheck, the cost of which will be decided democratically by union members, but will roughly equal a few dollars each week. Union dues are the membership fees of the union, and the cost is offset by the wage increases and other benefits that our union negotiates for us workers. Dues are crucial to keep the union strong and well-funded, so we can have the resources to give ourselves the fair working conditions we deserve.

What are my rights? Can Amazon fire me for unionizing?

No. Under the National Labor Relations Act, you have the protected right to join a union, talk about unions, pass out union literature, sign union petitions, and organize your coworkers with the purpose of forming a union.

Amazon cannot interfere with your rights, threaten or coerce you, discriminate or retaliate against you based on union sentiment, or refuse to bargain with your union once established. Don’t let Amazon’s greed and scare tactics get in the way of you improving your workplace!