A New Kind of Worker Alliance

The A.L.U. is a group of Staten Island Amazon workers who want to build a grassroots, independent union from the ground up.

The A.L.U. was started by current and former Amazon employees as a way to organize our coworkers and improve working conditions at Amazon. We are supported by countless labor organizations, politicians, news media, and established unions, both in NYC and across the country. They all are offering their resources and expertise to make our dream a reality.

Our project started as a result of our outrage over Amazon’s firing of Chris Smalls, the Process Assistant who organized a walkout in protest of unsafe working conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, the goal of the A.L.U. is to unionize amazon. In doing so, the workers secure their federally protected right to collectively bargain with Amazon and negotiate the terms of their pay, benefits, and working conditions. The union will be a protection from Amazon’s exploitative business practices and wrongful terminations. We also seek to be a source of support and assistance to Amazon workers who need it. Any worker who is interested in being a part of our union committee should visit the contact page and tell us your story by clicking the button below.